Jul. 8th, 2009

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This is sort of dreadfully late, coming a month after the discussion post for The Wounded Sky, but I was moving across the country when that discussion took place so perhaps I have an excuse.

I loved the songs in the book so much and I was raised not only on Trek but also on John Denver. When I saw [personal profile] melannen's request for a recording of "Enterprise, Starship" I couldn't resist making one.

I'd like to make another - I have a crazy idea about making a recording that sounds like a group sing, but so far it just sounds like two of me singing slightly out of tune with each other. *wry* If anyone's interested in that, please let me know!

I apologize for the clipping in a few places; I'm not working with real recording equipment, just Garage Band on my Mac. Credit is due to ProSound Studio Band for providing the karaoke track of "Calypso" I used; it is used without permission, but I have used it for its intended purpose and am not making any money off the use.

Enterprise, Starship, as recorded by [personal profile] wintercreek.

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