Oct. 28th, 2011

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Hi, all. [personal profile] beatrice_otter pointed me at this community because I'm trying to track down a particular Trek novel, or rather, which Trek novel contains a particular scene -- which I'm calling Spock's Manpain Meditation. I read the novel in question in my teens and found the scene very moving and deep at the time, but as you can probably guess, I now find it (or at least my memory of it!)...strange.

The scene in question involves Spock's daily meditation. He has, iirc, a special filter for news stories that are horrible (think CNN-style torture porn turned up to 11), and what he does is he listens to the news stories about things like entire orphanages being crushed in earthquakes and "absorbs" the pain and conquers it as his meditation ritual. I think the novel contained a description of him writhing in agony as he imagined the pain of a particular horrible news story.

...I think you can see both why that would appeal to a romantic, semi-Goth teenaged nerd, and why that same nerd, now adult, might be looking back on it going "...really?" But I did love it at the time, and I would love to know from which novel it came (and possibly find out if it was really as I remember it).

I believe, time-wise, it was set post-TOS and probably post-TMP. I am not sure if it was post-TVH.

I am nearly certain that I read it before I discovered fanfiction at all, so pre-1994; I certainly read it before mid-1995 (when I moved out of my parents' house and packed up all my Trek books, and later sold them at a secondhand bookshop for grocery money during grad school). Any leads would be greatly appreciated!

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