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Time (finally!) for discussion post #3, in which we discuss

Spock's World!

one of the Pocket Books hardcovers, by Diane Duane.

This book probably had more influence on fanon than any other book; there's hardly a version of Vulcan out there that isn't, at least mildly or peripherally, influenced by this one.

1. Spock's World is a connection of short stories within a framing story, similar to the Kobayashi Maru (and The Romulan Way, which we'll be getting to in a few weeks.) How does the format work for you? I'll confess that I usually read the framing story, skip the history sections, and then go back and just re-read the history sections that I like.

2. What do you think about the framing story? Much of it is a close Kirk POV, and the version of Kirk who shows up in this story is probably the the center of my characterization of him: competent, smart, charismatic, in love with his ship and his crew and his galaxy, and just sort of merrily playing endless catch-up with all the brilliant people he's surrounded himself with. And it's also, of course, very much an OT3 story; (whether you ship them or not, though as was noted recently, it does end >with the three of them going off to bed together...)

Moira gets to have fun, Sarek and Amanda are hilarious and awesome, T'Pring is scary and a bit sad, K's't'lk is back for a cameo, T'Pau is T'Pau, and there is a very big party.

I'm less fond of the actual plot; McCoy is awesome, but it beggars belief that nobody else on Vulcan bothered to do what he did, and the whole debate set-up is clearly just an excuse for the author to philosophize in her characters' voices. And there was a time when I refused to believe Vulcans could be that xenophobically stubborn, but I guess I've gotten more cynical as I get older, because I totally buy it now.

3. So... how about the debates? Did you buy the logic (or lack thereof?) Did you admit it was mostly just for the fun of watching them pontificate, and follow along? How would you have voted (or testified)? Exactly what did Sarek think he was doing? Was everybody on Vulcan just waiting for the Enterprise officers to talk and ignoring the rest, same way we were?

4. What did you think of the history sections? Which ones were your favorites? Which ones do you always skip? Does it make sense for you as history? Do you believe in the A'kweth?

5. Which parts of the Vulcan in this story match up with your personal canon? Which parts do you reject? Do you see echoes of this novel in later canon, too (...particularly the most recent portrayal of Vulcan?)

Anybody got heavily Spock's World based fic recs? Anybody written any? I wrote a reboot fic about the a'kweth not too long ago.

(And while we're talking fic: [community profile] treknovelfest prompt claiming is now open!)

The next re-read book will be Doctor's Orders, the last remaining non-Rihannsu book by Diane Duane: in which Doctor McCoy is stuck with command of the Enterprise, and then a bunch of Klingons show up, with predictably hilarious results. Also: first contact with some really amazing non-humanoid aliens. And ketchup! There's resources up on the source post, which as usual you have to join the community to see.
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