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More love for New Voyages 2.
They stepped out of the lift. "You make a terrific mother, Uhura," Kirk said.

She turned with a lift of eyebrow that was almost Vulcan. "Indeed? Thank you, Captain. But then, I always am. The ship is just full of little boys."

Kirk did a small double-take as she vanished through the door of her quarters, a "Good night, gentlemen" floating sweetly after her. Spock was not quite sure whether he heard correctly, "Sleep tight." It did not seem quite logical, nor, if the Captain's expression was any indication, quite safe.

"When is her birthday?" Kirk muttered. "I think the traditional spanking might be in order."

Spock raised an eyebrow. "Fascinating custom, Captain. Do you really want to inaugurate it among the command crew of the Enterprise.

Kirk shot him a look of mischief, with just a touch of speculation on whether the Vulcan implied that someone might try to inaugurate it on the Captain of the Enterprise.

"No," Kirk said firmly, in answer, or in rejection of the speculation. "But—" he looked back at Uhura's door, "there's no law against being sorely tempted."

"Indeed," Spock said blandly, and collected a double-take himself.
That's an excerpt from "Surprise!" a short story in the officially licensed Star Trek: The New Voyages 2. It was written by Nichelle Nichols, Sondra Marshak, and Myrna Culbreath.

By Nichelle Nichols.

This story goes on to have a confrontation between Uhura, Kirk, and Spock in the corridor that connects Kirk and Spock's adjoining bathrooms. Also, Kirk is naked.

By Nichelle Nichols.

I love this story. The book suggests that Nichelle Nichols was also in the process of coauthoring a licensed novel titled Uhura, but I guess that never happened. Which is a shame

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Date: 2010-03-26 04:34 am (UTC)
melannen: Commander Valentine of Alpha Squad Seven, a red-haired female Nick Fury in space, smoking contemplatively (Default)
From: [personal profile] melannen
Oh, god, that's the one where they have an ongoing chess match through the adjoining bathrooms, right? SO SLASHY. I think I had forgotten that was New Voyages and just assumed it was a slashfic I'd read online. :D

(Also, I had forgotten it was by Nichelle Nichols. HER WIN IS ENDLESS.)

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Date: 2010-03-26 02:32 pm (UTC)
mllesays: John Singer Sargent painting (st // hipster boyfriends at comic con)
From: [personal profile] mllesays
This is completely amazing. I need to track down a copy of New Voyages 2 like right now.

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Date: 2010-03-26 04:57 pm (UTC)
avendya: blue-green picture of a woman's face (Default)
From: [personal profile] avendya
Is this book online somewhere? Because I need it.

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Date: 2010-03-27 01:37 am (UTC)
starlady: Anna Maria from PoTC at the helm: "bring me that horizon" (bring me that horizon)
From: [personal profile] starlady
Y'know, just when I thought it wasn't possible for Nichelle Nichols to get any more awesome…

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Date: 2010-03-27 02:32 am (UTC)
teaphile: (Enterprise - by Teaphile)
From: [personal profile] teaphile
I adore that story. K/S/U for the win.

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Date: 2010-03-28 06:41 pm (UTC)
skywaterblue: (Spock by Van Gogh)
From: [personal profile] skywaterblue
*jaw drops* Damn. This is amazing.

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