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So thanks to [personal profile] melannen, I will be modding the "Star Trek beyond the canon" panel at Con.TXT next month in Maryland. \o/ If anyone in this comm is going to the con and is interested in being a co-mod for the panel, please let me know--basically you will be sitting up front with me and we will be each other's backup in the unhappy event that the audience runs out of things to say to us.

All that said, there are some questions I've been thinking about in relation to "the paracanon", which I think for our purposes is primarily the books, but can and should also include Star Trek Online, the Animated Series, and the games and comics--and I'd love to hear what fellow members of this comm have to say, since I trust your instincts. ^^

Beyond the final frontier. All of them.  )
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So this is ... very, very very late. Ooops. Sorry. I'd give excuses, but there's really no excuse for me being as late as all this, is there?

If anyone remembers, the last book up for discussion was:

Doctor's Orders

Pocket Books #57 by Diane Duane.

This books is, of course, the book of McCoy love! We should all love McCoy.

So, anybody remember what this book was about? )

The next book on the list is MY ENEMY, MY ALLY

Yay, Ael at last! This is the first of the Rihannsu books, which introduces us both to the best Romulan Empire ever, and Ensign Naraht the space cadet Horta.

You know where to go if you need the e-book! And I promise I won't leave you hanging in the middle of Rihannsu saga: we're going to go through them in five weeks neat if I have to injure myself doing it.

PS: You all saw where [personal profile] wintercreek posted an amazing mp3 of Enterprise, Starship, right? And said she wanted a bunch more voices to do a singalong version? I posted my voices with hers. You should all try it, too, so I'm not alone out there and feeling silly.
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Time (finally!) for discussion post #3, in which we discuss

Spock's World!

one of the Pocket Books hardcovers, by Diane Duane.

This book probably had more influence on fanon than any other book; there's hardly a version of Vulcan out there that isn't, at least mildly or peripherally, influenced by this one.

So let's talk about it! )

Anybody got heavily Spock's World based fic recs? Anybody written any? I wrote a reboot fic about the a'kweth not too long ago.

(And while we're talking fic: [community profile] treknovelfest prompt claiming is now open!)

The next re-read book will be Doctor's Orders, the last remaining non-Rihannsu book by Diane Duane: in which Doctor McCoy is stuck with command of the Enterprise, and then a bunch of Klingons show up, with predictably hilarious results. Also: first contact with some really amazing non-humanoid aliens. And ketchup! There's resources up on the source post, which as usual you have to join the community to see.
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Time for discussion post #2, in which we discuss

The Wounded Sky!

Pocket Books #13, by Diane Duane.

I've gotta confess, people: I am incapable of being anything but squeeful about this book. Not only is it just really excellent, but it taught me a lot of things that became the foundation of the way I understand the universe. (It's *that* good.)

...but, hey, it's also just a Star Trek novel! So feel free to discuss whatever you'd like.

Here's some things I'd like to discuss. )

Anybody know any Wounded-sky based fanfic? Anybody want to write any? I've been craving, for a very long time, a story that brings back the universe they created - imagine an older Kirk and Spock and Scotty (or the reboot versions!) wandering into a universe in which they're the great founding archetypes that have shaped every story and every philosophy...

oh, wait, that's our universe. :P (Imagine, then, them wandering into a universe where K't'lk is still-always-singing creation, and it's a creation built of love and compassion and integrity in-the-other's-skin.)

The Wounded Sky is also, of course, the first of Diane Duane's Star Trek novels, introducing some characters, characterization, and worldbuilding that recur in her other six ST books, which shaped the way a lot of Star Trek fans understand Star Trek. Feel free to discuss it in that context, or even in the context of DD's entire ouvre (I'm something of a fan, you might have noticed.)

Next discussion will be on Spock's World (the return of K's't'lk, among many other things!), but I may be a bit late getting files up (due to massive computer woes), and it's a longer book, so I'm going to give us two weeks to finish reading it.

ETA: Who wants to make me a recording of Enterprise, Starship? (Or the one about the asteroid miner's daughter and the weird-looking creature with all the eyes. I'm not picky.)
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That's right! It's technically still Tuesday somewhere in the world, and this is our first official re-read discussion post!

Now, we will discuss

The Kobayashi Maru


Feel free to take part in the discussion even if you didn't get a chance to re-read last week; even if you've never read the book at all. We all know what the Kobayashi Maru is, right? The no-win scenario that all cadets at Starfleet Academy have to play through, and the test that James T. Kirk cheated on.

This is the book that gave me my life-long story kink for putting characters through war games. It's also the book that gave me my habit of folding paper cranes when I'm depressed, which I refuse to apologize for - don't knock it if it helps. (I'm up to about 780 last I counted, btw.)

Discussion is open to anything you want to talk about! But here's some discussion questions to get you started. )

Julia Ecklar is a fan and a filksinger from way back, with an lj at [ profile] jecklar. She does not approve of the new movie, apparently. Best comment ever: "Their Kobayashi Maru scenario annoyed me; it didn't feel Kirkian. The version I remember was that Kirk reprogrammed the Klingons to be in awe of Kirk's reputation, and argued that he would have that advantage in the real world. That Kirk has big ol' brass balls. The movie Kirk was just a frigging cheater... Come to think of it, you wrote that version, didn't you."

O internets, I love you.

And does anybody have links for fics that deal with the Kobayashi Maru? It seems like something fandom would jump on, but I've never come across much. Anybody have links to similar tests, set in other fandoms? (Stargate does a no-win scenario, I know, and I re-read the XF story The Games We Play yearly.)

Next re-read will be announced tomorrow, after I decide which story it's going to be. (Current top possibilities: Spock's World, Uhura's Song, and Best Destiny. Anyone want to put in a vote?)
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Hello everyone, and welcome to [community profile] starry_sea! I'm still working on icons and layout and things (though if you would like to help or make icons, I would love the help.)

In the meantime, let's have introductions! Leave a comment here to let us know something about you and your relationship with Star Trek.

Here's some questions to get us started (not required, but fun):
1. Who are you? What are you looking for in this community?
2. How long have you been a Star Trek fan? How did you first become one? How would you describe your previous involvement with the fandom?
3. What do you consider part of your personal canon? What's your personal fanon?
4. For you, what is the most essential thing about Star Trek that makes it Star Trek to you?
5. If you could rec us only one book/episode/comic/movie, which would it be?
6. Link us to a fic, website, discussion post, or community - yours, or someone else's - that we should all check out.

I, your friendly mod, will start things off in the first comment. And will probably strain DW's comment limits in the process.

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