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I need a beta for a 15k-word Reboot fic that is (sort of) Rihannsu.  I say "sort of" because despite having Ael in it, and having re-read the Rihannsu books, I really don't know how well I have captured the feel of the culture.  Any help with that would be appreciated.  Also, the story feels kind of forced, so I really need a second opinion on that.
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Hi! Um. It's been awhile. I am sorry. I'm afraid I let entropy win for awhile there.

But I do want this community to live!

Does anyone have any Star Trek Book related fanworks from the past few months they want to mention here?

Is anyone interested in re-starting the read-through? (I have the rest of the Rihannsu books ready. I just ... never posted them.)

Is anyone interested in becoming a co-mod? Your primary duty would be to start discussion posts when the community is being too quiet.

I'll start things off: As a companion to [personal profile] ljc's T'Kay Stories, based on Vulcan mythology from "Spock's World" and "Uhura's Song", I recently posted some artifacts relating to Vulcan Mythology that I found at Starfleet Academy's Annapolis library, along with discussion of their provenance and historical significance.

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