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I need a beta for a 15k-word Reboot fic that is (sort of) Rihannsu.  I say "sort of" because despite having Ael in it, and having re-read the Rihannsu books, I really don't know how well I have captured the feel of the culture.  Any help with that would be appreciated.  Also, the story feels kind of forced, so I really need a second opinion on that.
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Okay, by popular demand, for the second book in our re-read we're going to skip right to the Good Stuff and start on the Diane Duane universe, with Pocket Books #13,

The Wounded Sky

Featuring the forest of Lórien, a starship named Lookfar, a somewhat extravagant number of supernovae, the discovery that the Message At The End of the Universe is "dn ǝpıs sıɥʇ", Captain Kirk mind-melding with his entire ship and helping a spun-glass spider make a baby, a landshark attack, and a whole lotta love.

Source will be up on the source post shortly (eta: is up), as soon as I've done copyediting the file. (You may need to join the community to see the source post.)

In approximately a week, I will post a discussion post where we can all share our thoughts on this book! ( will note that the time-posts are already getting vaguer and vaguer...)

I have discovered, while training my spell-check on the file, that Star Trek books use a whole lot of jargon and technobabble, and it's become so much a part of my language that I forget it's not plain English. And that beyond that, Duane just has a ton of *fun* playing with language - switching between American and English spellings on a whim, and making new words willy-nilly as if she thinks the language is agglutinative or something. And it works, and I think I imprinted on it, because I do the same thing (though probably not as well.)

ETA: It's up on the source post now. Also, does anybody have access to JSTOR/etc. who'd be will to find & share these two articles from the bibilography? That would be *awesome*:

De Witt, B. S. "Spacetime as a sheaf of geodesics in superspace." In Carmeli et al, Relativity, NY.: Plenum Press, 1970.

Gott II, J. Richard. "Creation of Open Universes from de Sitter Space." Nature, Vol. 295, January 28, 1982, pp. 304-307 Got it! Thanks, [personal profile] sineala!

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