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Hi! Um. It's been awhile. I am sorry. I'm afraid I let entropy win for awhile there.

But I do want this community to live!

Does anyone have any Star Trek Book related fanworks from the past few months they want to mention here?

Is anyone interested in re-starting the read-through? (I have the rest of the Rihannsu books ready. I just ... never posted them.)

Is anyone interested in becoming a co-mod? Your primary duty would be to start discussion posts when the community is being too quiet.

I'll start things off: As a companion to [personal profile] ljc's T'Kay Stories, based on Vulcan mythology from "Spock's World" and "Uhura's Song", I recently posted some artifacts relating to Vulcan Mythology that I found at Starfleet Academy's Annapolis library, along with discussion of their provenance and historical significance.
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Hi all! Sorry if you've been feeling a bit ignored lately: my e-mail has been dumping most of my comment notifications for this community into my spam folder, so if I didn't reply to you in a timely manner, I apologize, and it wasn't intentional.

There's a bunch of new stuff up on the source post, by the way, due to the diligent work of you guys! There are some more archive files, and some tie-in comics and some worldbuilding resources from c. 1980. (I'll also mention here that if you have a particular book you want to jump to the front of the queue for re-read, sending me a clean copy is a great way to up your chances...)

We're still on for a Spock's World discussion later this week; I've got a ton on my plate, so it probably won't be up till the weekend, so if you haven't yet, you'll have time to read the e-book that just went up on the source post (which you have to be a member of the community to see.)

This is, alas, not a clean copy: it's missing nearly all of its quotation marks and apostrophes, but it is otherwise correct. Every download I found of it seemed to be from the same original file, and they were all missing the quotes, and going in and adding the quotes back is tedious and time-consuming, so I finally decided to just put up what I had instead of waiting until it was clean. It doesn't take that long to get used to, I promise! (If people wanted to work together to get a clean copy - even taking it a chapter at a time - I would be for that! I've got, um, chapter one finished.)

For bonus reading this month I linked to a translation of the Tao te Ching, which informs a fair amount of the philosophy of Spock's World - it's not exactly the same version Llarion was quoting on Enterprise's BBS, but Google seemed to think it was the closest. (If anyone knows if Llarion's quoting a published translation, let me know! The exact quote showed up in a variety of web pages, but none of them sourced a translator, so I suspect they were all quoting Spock's World!)

And finally ... prompt submission for [community profile] treknovelfest starts tomorrow! You can suggest fanfic ideas even if you can't write for the fest.
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We're going ahead with the Trek Novel Fest, located at [community profile] treknovelfest. Hope to see some of you there!
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Over at my LJ, I'm gauging interest in a possible old school Star Trek novel fic fest. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please come on over and vote!

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