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I bet you all forgot [community profile] starry_sea was even here! Because I've been neglecting it shamefully!

Well, for 3WfDW I have finally finished a fanmix I've only been working on since I started the community: the fanmix for Diane Duane's novel The Wounded Sky.

I say "fanmix", but it's really much more a Fan Soundtrack, because as usual, I went way overboard and put in an audio track for every major event in the book. Since this is a story that's full of music beginning to end, it seemed necessary.

This is possibly the geekiest mix I have ever made. I should probably warn that as a result it contains some music that is very strange, and some music that is very Christian (although I hope not strange in an unlistenable way and not Christian in a way that would be unfamiliar to fans of the book.)

Dragline Silk: FST for The Wounded Sky

Album Art )

Click here to download the full Dragline Silk mix ( (85 mb, should fit on one audio CD)

Expanded songlist )

...if anyone wants the even more ridiculously expanded expanded liner notes, with full commentary on all the song choices, just let me know ^_^;;;
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This is sort of dreadfully late, coming a month after the discussion post for The Wounded Sky, but I was moving across the country when that discussion took place so perhaps I have an excuse.

I loved the songs in the book so much and I was raised not only on Trek but also on John Denver. When I saw [personal profile] melannen's request for a recording of "Enterprise, Starship" I couldn't resist making one.

I'd like to make another - I have a crazy idea about making a recording that sounds like a group sing, but so far it just sounds like two of me singing slightly out of tune with each other. *wry* If anyone's interested in that, please let me know!

I apologize for the clipping in a few places; I'm not working with real recording equipment, just Garage Band on my Mac. Credit is due to ProSound Studio Band for providing the karaoke track of "Calypso" I used; it is used without permission, but I have used it for its intended purpose and am not making any money off the use.

Enterprise, Starship, as recorded by [personal profile] wintercreek.
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Time for discussion post #2, in which we discuss

The Wounded Sky!

Pocket Books #13, by Diane Duane.

I've gotta confess, people: I am incapable of being anything but squeeful about this book. Not only is it just really excellent, but it taught me a lot of things that became the foundation of the way I understand the universe. (It's *that* good.)

...but, hey, it's also just a Star Trek novel! So feel free to discuss whatever you'd like.

Here's some things I'd like to discuss. )

Anybody know any Wounded-sky based fanfic? Anybody want to write any? I've been craving, for a very long time, a story that brings back the universe they created - imagine an older Kirk and Spock and Scotty (or the reboot versions!) wandering into a universe in which they're the great founding archetypes that have shaped every story and every philosophy...

oh, wait, that's our universe. :P (Imagine, then, them wandering into a universe where K't'lk is still-always-singing creation, and it's a creation built of love and compassion and integrity in-the-other's-skin.)

The Wounded Sky is also, of course, the first of Diane Duane's Star Trek novels, introducing some characters, characterization, and worldbuilding that recur in her other six ST books, which shaped the way a lot of Star Trek fans understand Star Trek. Feel free to discuss it in that context, or even in the context of DD's entire ouvre (I'm something of a fan, you might have noticed.)

Next discussion will be on Spock's World (the return of K's't'lk, among many other things!), but I may be a bit late getting files up (due to massive computer woes), and it's a longer book, so I'm going to give us two weeks to finish reading it.

ETA: Who wants to make me a recording of Enterprise, Starship? (Or the one about the asteroid miner's daughter and the weird-looking creature with all the eyes. I'm not picky.)
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Okay, by popular demand, for the second book in our re-read we're going to skip right to the Good Stuff and start on the Diane Duane universe, with Pocket Books #13,

The Wounded Sky

Featuring the forest of Lórien, a starship named Lookfar, a somewhat extravagant number of supernovae, the discovery that the Message At The End of the Universe is "dn ǝpıs sıɥʇ", Captain Kirk mind-melding with his entire ship and helping a spun-glass spider make a baby, a landshark attack, and a whole lotta love.

Source will be up on the source post shortly (eta: is up), as soon as I've done copyediting the file. (You may need to join the community to see the source post.)

In approximately a week, I will post a discussion post where we can all share our thoughts on this book! ( will note that the time-posts are already getting vaguer and vaguer...)

I have discovered, while training my spell-check on the file, that Star Trek books use a whole lot of jargon and technobabble, and it's become so much a part of my language that I forget it's not plain English. And that beyond that, Duane just has a ton of *fun* playing with language - switching between American and English spellings on a whim, and making new words willy-nilly as if she thinks the language is agglutinative or something. And it works, and I think I imprinted on it, because I do the same thing (though probably not as well.)

ETA: It's up on the source post now. Also, does anybody have access to JSTOR/etc. who'd be will to find & share these two articles from the bibilography? That would be *awesome*:

De Witt, B. S. "Spacetime as a sheaf of geodesics in superspace." In Carmeli et al, Relativity, NY.: Plenum Press, 1970.

Gott II, J. Richard. "Creation of Open Universes from de Sitter Space." Nature, Vol. 295, January 28, 1982, pp. 304-307 Got it! Thanks, [personal profile] sineala!

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