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The Kickstarter for Star Trek: Renegades episodes 2 & 3 is in its final days and still needs about $46,000 to meet its goal.

The first episode is available to watch in its entirety for free on YouTube. The series, which is independent and fan-funded, takes place in the original universe approximately ten years after the events of Nemesis.

You can back the Kickstarter at a variety of levels and help make the next phase of Star Trek happen!
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I need a beta for a 15k-word Reboot fic that is (sort of) Rihannsu.  I say "sort of" because despite having Ael in it, and having re-read the Rihannsu books, I really don't know how well I have captured the feel of the culture.  Any help with that would be appreciated.  Also, the story feels kind of forced, so I really need a second opinion on that.
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Hi, all. [personal profile] beatrice_otter pointed me at this community because I'm trying to track down a particular Trek novel, or rather, which Trek novel contains a particular scene -- which I'm calling Spock's Manpain Meditation. I read the novel in question in my teens and found the scene very moving and deep at the time, but as you can probably guess, I now find it (or at least my memory of it!)...strange.

The scene in question involves Spock's daily meditation. He has, iirc, a special filter for news stories that are horrible (think CNN-style torture porn turned up to 11), and what he does is he listens to the news stories about things like entire orphanages being crushed in earthquakes and "absorbs" the pain and conquers it as his meditation ritual. I think the novel contained a description of him writhing in agony as he imagined the pain of a particular horrible news story.

...I think you can see both why that would appeal to a romantic, semi-Goth teenaged nerd, and why that same nerd, now adult, might be looking back on it going "...really?" But I did love it at the time, and I would love to know from which novel it came (and possibly find out if it was really as I remember it).

I believe, time-wise, it was set post-TOS and probably post-TMP. I am not sure if it was post-TVH.

I am nearly certain that I read it before I discovered fanfiction at all, so pre-1994; I certainly read it before mid-1995 (when I moved out of my parents' house and packed up all my Trek books, and later sold them at a secondhand bookshop for grocery money during grad school). Any leads would be greatly appreciated!
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Star trek 20 in 20 favorite episode: "The Tholian Web" and other Star Trek tos and The Motion Picture icons, 3 of 2009 movie and 6 RPF

Photobucket Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

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Title: The Sun Always Rises, Do You Want It Or Not.

Author: [personal profile] ariadne_chan

Fandom: Star Trek AOS.

Pairing: Tos Kirk/Spock, Aos Kirk&Spock Prime.

Word Count: 2100.

Rating: PG

Summary: Jim is haunted by the memories Spock Prime accidentally transferred to him on Delta Vega. They meet in order to rid Jim of his ghosts, but find something altogether more fascinating.

Beta: [personal profile] lalazeeThank you, you are great so every error you found is mine.

Disclaimer: If you wonder, all of this franchise is mine and I’m a millionaire!, but no nothing of it is mine except my imagination.
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The awesome [profile] ladyblahblah is writing and awesome au wip "The Prophesy of Apolo"

if you are not reading it, go now

here chapter 1

I promise to her a mix, it take me a lot because first time doing one and is all from old songs 80's 90's from the underground movement.

Music of: Siuxie and the Banchees, The Cure, Morrisey, Red hot chili peppers, The Ramones, Eurythmics, Erasure, Mission uk, the Pixies, Chris Isaak, Brian Ferry, New Order, Depeche Mode, Portished, Bjork and Garbage

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Hi! I'm Capella, I just posted in the intro post, and I just found this community. I'm so excited to see a community that loves the novels! Because of the love for the Rihannsu books here, I was wondering if anyone had any links to fanfic in the Rihannsu-verse, with characters like Arrhae and Ael. And, while we're on that topic, I don't suppose anyone knows of a roleplay set in the same verse?
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I bet you all forgot [community profile] starry_sea was even here! Because I've been neglecting it shamefully!

Well, for 3WfDW I have finally finished a fanmix I've only been working on since I started the community: the fanmix for Diane Duane's novel The Wounded Sky.

I say "fanmix", but it's really much more a Fan Soundtrack, because as usual, I went way overboard and put in an audio track for every major event in the book. Since this is a story that's full of music beginning to end, it seemed necessary.

This is possibly the geekiest mix I have ever made. I should probably warn that as a result it contains some music that is very strange, and some music that is very Christian (although I hope not strange in an unlistenable way and not Christian in a way that would be unfamiliar to fans of the book.)

Dragline Silk: FST for The Wounded Sky

Album Art )

Click here to download the full Dragline Silk mix ( (85 mb, should fit on one audio CD)

Expanded songlist )

...if anyone wants the even more ridiculously expanded expanded liner notes, with full commentary on all the song choices, just let me know ^_^;;;
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So thanks to [personal profile] melannen, I will be modding the "Star Trek beyond the canon" panel at Con.TXT next month in Maryland. \o/ If anyone in this comm is going to the con and is interested in being a co-mod for the panel, please let me know--basically you will be sitting up front with me and we will be each other's backup in the unhappy event that the audience runs out of things to say to us.

All that said, there are some questions I've been thinking about in relation to "the paracanon", which I think for our purposes is primarily the books, but can and should also include Star Trek Online, the Animated Series, and the games and comics--and I'd love to hear what fellow members of this comm have to say, since I trust your instincts. ^^

Beyond the final frontier. All of them.  )
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More love for New Voyages 2.
They stepped out of the lift. "You make a terrific mother, Uhura," Kirk said.

She turned with a lift of eyebrow that was almost Vulcan. "Indeed? Thank you, Captain. But then, I always am. The ship is just full of little boys."

Kirk did a small double-take as she vanished through the door of her quarters, a "Good night, gentlemen" floating sweetly after her. Spock was not quite sure whether he heard correctly, "Sleep tight." It did not seem quite logical, nor, if the Captain's expression was any indication, quite safe.

"When is her birthday?" Kirk muttered. "I think the traditional spanking might be in order."

Spock raised an eyebrow. "Fascinating custom, Captain. Do you really want to inaugurate it among the command crew of the Enterprise.

Kirk shot him a look of mischief, with just a touch of speculation on whether the Vulcan implied that someone might try to inaugurate it on the Captain of the Enterprise.

"No," Kirk said firmly, in answer, or in rejection of the speculation. "But—" he looked back at Uhura's door, "there's no law against being sorely tempted."

"Indeed," Spock said blandly, and collected a double-take himself.
That's an excerpt from "Surprise!" a short story in the officially licensed Star Trek: The New Voyages 2. It was written by Nichelle Nichols, Sondra Marshak, and Myrna Culbreath.

By Nichelle Nichols.

This story goes on to have a confrontation between Uhura, Kirk, and Spock in the corridor that connects Kirk and Spock's adjoining bathrooms. Also, Kirk is naked.

By Nichelle Nichols.

I love this story. The book suggests that Nichelle Nichols was also in the process of coauthoring a licensed novel titled Uhura, but I guess that never happened. Which is a shame

(Crossposted to [personal profile] tablesaw.)
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So, there was some suggestion in my previous post that if we start up a community read-along again, I should let other people choose the books and lead the discussions.

This is less work for me, so I am all in favor of it!

Here's how I envision it working: We have a post with a sign-up sheet; people sign up to take a week. You can either choose a book when you sign up, or wait until your week comes (as long as nobody else has signed up for the same book.) At the start of your week, you make a post announcing your read-along, and at the end of the week, you make a discussion post with reading group questions, and then lead the discussion in comments.

My role will be to a) remind people their week is coming up, and b) make sure that everyone who wants to read along has the resources to do it.

Also, none of this should stop members from just randomly starting discussions whenever they felt like it!

Here is a poll:
Poll #2441 Read-along
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 10

Should we switch to you all leading read-alongs?

View Answers

I like this idea.
6 (60.0%)

The concept is good, but I will explain in a comment how you should change it.
1 (10.0%)

I would participate by reading along!
9 (90.0%)

I would be willing to lead a week!
4 (40.0%)

In fact, I will claim my week in the comments *right now*!
0 (0.0%)

I hate you, and I hate your community.
1 (10.0%)

I think you should keep leading them all, stop being lazymod!
0 (0.0%)

(If you wish to sign up already, pick a Sunday in the next two months to start your week; if I get enough interest I'll do a more formal ongoing sign-up post later.)
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It was a story in The New Voyages 2, very well-written like all their stuff, and is quite possibly the first genderbent story in the world.  And there's currently a review of it (including page scans) over on [ profile] startrek_tos.
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Hi! Um. It's been awhile. I am sorry. I'm afraid I let entropy win for awhile there.

But I do want this community to live!

Does anyone have any Star Trek Book related fanworks from the past few months they want to mention here?

Is anyone interested in re-starting the read-through? (I have the rest of the Rihannsu books ready. I just ... never posted them.)

Is anyone interested in becoming a co-mod? Your primary duty would be to start discussion posts when the community is being too quiet.

I'll start things off: As a companion to [personal profile] ljc's T'Kay Stories, based on Vulcan mythology from "Spock's World" and "Uhura's Song", I recently posted some artifacts relating to Vulcan Mythology that I found at Starfleet Academy's Annapolis library, along with discussion of their provenance and historical significance.
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Hello all. I'm a new member with a question about a Star Trek TOS books. I read pretty much all of them (that existed at the time anyway) in middle school and now they're all mixed up in my head. I'm looking for one in which there are these vicious looking creatures (I think there were tentacles involved, definitely sharp teeth) used to fix the ship. Each one of the creatures was bonded to a telepath who helped direct the creature to which part needed to be fixed (I think). I remember the teaser on the first page showed a scene where Spock was being attacked by one of the creatures and about to be cut up on some grating.

I hope this type of inquiry is allowed. I saw nothing in the profile against it.
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So this is ... very, very very late. Ooops. Sorry. I'd give excuses, but there's really no excuse for me being as late as all this, is there?

If anyone remembers, the last book up for discussion was:

Doctor's Orders

Pocket Books #57 by Diane Duane.

This books is, of course, the book of McCoy love! We should all love McCoy.

So, anybody remember what this book was about? )

The next book on the list is MY ENEMY, MY ALLY

Yay, Ael at last! This is the first of the Rihannsu books, which introduces us both to the best Romulan Empire ever, and Ensign Naraht the space cadet Horta.

You know where to go if you need the e-book! And I promise I won't leave you hanging in the middle of Rihannsu saga: we're going to go through them in five weeks neat if I have to injure myself doing it.

PS: You all saw where [personal profile] wintercreek posted an amazing mp3 of Enterprise, Starship, right? And said she wanted a bunch more voices to do a singalong version? I posted my voices with hers. You should all try it, too, so I'm not alone out there and feeling silly.
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This is sort of dreadfully late, coming a month after the discussion post for The Wounded Sky, but I was moving across the country when that discussion took place so perhaps I have an excuse.

I loved the songs in the book so much and I was raised not only on Trek but also on John Denver. When I saw [personal profile] melannen's request for a recording of "Enterprise, Starship" I couldn't resist making one.

I'd like to make another - I have a crazy idea about making a recording that sounds like a group sing, but so far it just sounds like two of me singing slightly out of tune with each other. *wry* If anyone's interested in that, please let me know!

I apologize for the clipping in a few places; I'm not working with real recording equipment, just Garage Band on my Mac. Credit is due to ProSound Studio Band for providing the karaoke track of "Calypso" I used; it is used without permission, but I have used it for its intended purpose and am not making any money off the use.

Enterprise, Starship, as recorded by [personal profile] wintercreek.
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Time (finally!) for discussion post #3, in which we discuss

Spock's World!

one of the Pocket Books hardcovers, by Diane Duane.

This book probably had more influence on fanon than any other book; there's hardly a version of Vulcan out there that isn't, at least mildly or peripherally, influenced by this one.

So let's talk about it! )

Anybody got heavily Spock's World based fic recs? Anybody written any? I wrote a reboot fic about the a'kweth not too long ago.

(And while we're talking fic: [community profile] treknovelfest prompt claiming is now open!)

The next re-read book will be Doctor's Orders, the last remaining non-Rihannsu book by Diane Duane: in which Doctor McCoy is stuck with command of the Enterprise, and then a bunch of Klingons show up, with predictably hilarious results. Also: first contact with some really amazing non-humanoid aliens. And ketchup! There's resources up on the source post, which as usual you have to join the community to see.
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Hey all. First (or third time): I love this comm; the idea behind it and the discussions already posted. Second, it wouldn't be particularly fair of me to repost my stuff yet again, given that it's all older and already out there in various places. So, here's just a reference post for my Original Series general fiction. They're all on LiveJournal; sorry about that. Put behind a cut for your convenience!

Read more... )
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Hi all! Sorry if you've been feeling a bit ignored lately: my e-mail has been dumping most of my comment notifications for this community into my spam folder, so if I didn't reply to you in a timely manner, I apologize, and it wasn't intentional.

There's a bunch of new stuff up on the source post, by the way, due to the diligent work of you guys! There are some more archive files, and some tie-in comics and some worldbuilding resources from c. 1980. (I'll also mention here that if you have a particular book you want to jump to the front of the queue for re-read, sending me a clean copy is a great way to up your chances...)

We're still on for a Spock's World discussion later this week; I've got a ton on my plate, so it probably won't be up till the weekend, so if you haven't yet, you'll have time to read the e-book that just went up on the source post (which you have to be a member of the community to see.)

This is, alas, not a clean copy: it's missing nearly all of its quotation marks and apostrophes, but it is otherwise correct. Every download I found of it seemed to be from the same original file, and they were all missing the quotes, and going in and adding the quotes back is tedious and time-consuming, so I finally decided to just put up what I had instead of waiting until it was clean. It doesn't take that long to get used to, I promise! (If people wanted to work together to get a clean copy - even taking it a chapter at a time - I would be for that! I've got, um, chapter one finished.)

For bonus reading this month I linked to a translation of the Tao te Ching, which informs a fair amount of the philosophy of Spock's World - it's not exactly the same version Llarion was quoting on Enterprise's BBS, but Google seemed to think it was the closest. (If anyone knows if Llarion's quoting a published translation, let me know! The exact quote showed up in a variety of web pages, but none of them sourced a translator, so I suspect they were all quoting Spock's World!)

And finally ... prompt submission for [community profile] treknovelfest starts tomorrow! You can suggest fanfic ideas even if you can't write for the fest.

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