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Hey all. First (or third time): I love this comm; the idea behind it and the discussions already posted. Second, it wouldn't be particularly fair of me to repost my stuff yet again, given that it's all older and already out there in various places. So, here's just a reference post for my Original Series general fiction. They're all on LiveJournal; sorry about that. Put behind a cut for your convenience!

Title: Not Too Soonl
Rating: G
Pairing: Sarek/Amanda
Timeline: 2232
Words: 634
Disclaimer: They all belong to Paramount, not me.
Notes: I decided to write what I know... which is, of course, toddlers. This was for KlingonVulcan -- Sarek reflecting on how fatherhood didn't quite turn out how research suggested.

Title: Mothers
Rating: G
Characters: Winona, Amanda
Disclaimer: They're all Paramount's, not mine.
Archive/Repost: Sure, just lemme know where.
Notes: Prompted by Anna Amuse, off of the word 'carriage' and it turned out coherent enough to post.  Winona Kirk, holding her eight-month-old son at a diplomatic function of some sort, gets to share a moment of motherhood with Amanda, long before that's significant.

Title: Dad
Timeline: 2253
Disclaimer: Paramount's, not mine, not for profit.
Notes: Written for youthculture; Len McCoy reflects as he makes breakfast for his wife and daughter.  Way pre-series.  Also, very bittersweet.

Title: Here to Learn
For: renarcher
Characters: Pike, Spock
Rating: G
Disclaimer: They are all Paramount's, not mine.
Notes: It's not a part of the Arc of the Wolf, but it does tie loosely to the story Tactics.  As Spock is on the bridge, listening to Pike being a mentor, he reflects some himself.

Title: First...
Rating: PG, language
Character: McCoy
Timeline: Early 2250s
Words: 607
Challenge: Survival
Disclaimer: McCoy and his family belong to Paramount. Not me.
Notes: Sometimes, you have to survive what happens to you in what everyone claims to be 'everyday life', too.

Title: 'Cross the River
Pairing: None.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Star Trek belongs to Gene Roddenberry. I dare you to tell me otherwise.
Notes: Written for maguena, who has always been good to me. The title doesn't have much to do with the story, perse... but it fits in my mind, and that is good enough. First place ASC Award winner, 2008.

Title: Decimal
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Timeline: 2266ish
Disclaimer: They're all Paramount's property, not mine.
Notes: Cheer-up fic for infiniteviking!  Tax season is still strong in the 23rd century.  Not sure how great it is, but hey!

Title: Magnanimous
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Paramount's characters, though they don't get nearly enough love from Paramount. Not for profit.
Notes: Ha! A Chekov story, written for my little sister (krwalker), prompted by the word 'magnanimous'. Really short. Humor.

Title: A Little Sympathy
Rating: Barely PG; one very mild cuss word
Characters: McCoy, Spock, Kirk
Prompt: scruffy by infiniteviking
Disclaimer: All Paramount's, not mine.
Notes: This is a bit of kind of silly, fluffy humor.  It also may explain why Spock was so zen later on with the space hippies.

Title: Maps, Rules and Moderation
Rating: G
Timeline: 2267
Characters: McCoy, Kirk, Spock
For: infiniteviking
Disclaimer: They belong to Paramount; the berries belong to nature.
Notes: Written in a prompt-trade with Viking, this is definitely humor, though not quite crack.  McCoy and Kirk get lost while Spock is doing geo-survey on a planet.

Title: Rituals
Rating: G
Timeline: 2267
Notes: For gumnut. Kirk, Spock and McCoy share a ritual, but it's not the one you may think.  Kinda grim, but not.
Disclaimer: They belong to Paramount, not me.

Title: Turn Back Time
Rating: G
Timeline: 2293 (Post ST:VI)
Character: McCoy
For: infiniteviking
Notes: Written as a trade prompt for Viking; to read her adorable gen fic for TOS, go here.  McCoy reflects.
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