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Name:Remember, remember me.
Location:San Francisco, California, United States of America
Website:Memory Beta, the non-canon Star Trek wiki
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Star Trek, old school style.
I know his journey ends never.
His Star Trek will go on forever.
But tell him
While he wanders his starry sea,
Remember me.

Those are the second verse of the lyrics to the theme music of Star Trek, the Original Series, which were never actually sung on the show. They are to be the guiding philosophy of this community, looking back on our love for Star Trek past while acknowledging the necessity of the new.

[community profile] starry_sea is for people who have those lyrics memorized. It is also for people who have never heard of such a thing, but are glad they now know.

Basically, [community profile] starry_sea is a community for fans of the original Star Trek series, fans of the books based on the original Star Trek series (especially the early Bantam and Pocket Books), fans of the animated series, fans of the comics, fans of the first six movies, people who are interested in the philosophy and making of Star Trek, Star Trek as a cultural, artistic, and storytelling phenomenon, and people who are interested in the fandom that grew around the original Star Trek series.

This is also a community for people who have never really been into ST:TOS, but would like to learn what all the old fangirls are talking about; for people who have been fans since 1966, or since birth, if birth is >1966; and for people who have just now learned who Spock is.

This community welcomes discussion, sharing, links, and fanworks of all kinds that relate to:
1. Star Trek: the Original Series.
2. The other media related the original series, including the books, comics, cartoon and movies.
3. The later Star Trek series and movies, only if viewed in relation to 1 and 2.
4. Star Trek fandom, especially Original Series fandom.
5. Discussion of the guiding values behind the creation of Star Trek, and how they have been carried forward.
6. The fact that the only person in all time and space more awesome than Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy is Nichelle Nichols.

Your friendly moderator(s) will be posting periodic discussion posts, and hosting group re-reads & re-watches and challenges, but anyone is free to post on those topics. Right now, our only guideline other than "stay on topic!" is to seek c'thia, and remember the value of infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

If you're new to the community, welcome! Stop by the introduction post and say hi. We're currently working on a weekly(-ish) re-read of old TOS novels, under re-read tag; feel free to join us, and old discussion posts stay open to new comments forever!

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andorians, c'thia, captain april, captain pike, chapel, chekov, fanfic, george kirk, jeffries tubes, kirk, klingons, le reve d'etoiles, mccoy, meta, orions, politics, rihannsu, romulans, science, scotty, slash, spock, st:tas, st:tos, star trek, starfleet academy, stars, starships, sulu, t'hy'la, technobabble, tellarites, the great bird of the galaxy, the united federation of planets, uhura, uss enterprise ncc-1701, vulcans, yeoman rand, zines
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