May. 3rd, 2011

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I bet you all forgot [community profile] starry_sea was even here! Because I've been neglecting it shamefully!

Well, for 3WfDW I have finally finished a fanmix I've only been working on since I started the community: the fanmix for Diane Duane's novel The Wounded Sky.

I say "fanmix", but it's really much more a Fan Soundtrack, because as usual, I went way overboard and put in an audio track for every major event in the book. Since this is a story that's full of music beginning to end, it seemed necessary.

This is possibly the geekiest mix I have ever made. I should probably warn that as a result it contains some music that is very strange, and some music that is very Christian (although I hope not strange in an unlistenable way and not Christian in a way that would be unfamiliar to fans of the book.)

Dragline Silk: FST for The Wounded Sky

Album Art )

Click here to download the full Dragline Silk mix ( (85 mb, should fit on one audio CD)

Expanded songlist )

...if anyone wants the even more ridiculously expanded expanded liner notes, with full commentary on all the song choices, just let me know ^_^;;;

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